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Milk based

Fior di latte – Hazelnuts ‘ Piemonte IGP’ – Chocolate – Sicilian pistachio – Vanilla – Mascarpone – Stracciatella – Mint – Coffee – Cinnamon – Malaga – Bacio – Coconut – Banana – Isola che non c’è

Fruit based

Orange – Strawberry – Raspberry – Wild berries – Melon – Mango – Pineapple – Lemon and basil – Banana and parsley


Invented in Turin during Napoléon’s regency, Gianduja is a milk based gelato containing chocolate and 30% hazelnut paste. Trivia: Nutella, was originally called Pasta Gianduja.


Thanks to the sunny and warm Andalusian climate, it’s easy to find juice and sweet mangoes growth on a local farms. The perfect based for our natural sorbets. Did you know that sorbet has only 120 Kcal per 100 gr?

Yogurt with Granita

Our organic yogurt soft ice cream can be mixed with fresh fruits, homemade salsas, nuts, honey or even sorbets. Our favorite is the one with Sicilian granita. Must try.

special take away sundaes



  • Use organic milk and yogurt

  • Use carefully selected natural ingredients

  • Make fresh gelato every day in our premises


  • Use artificial aroma, colorants, emulsifiers  or preservatives

  • Use GMO ingredients or soy

  • Use hydrogenated vegetable fat

food intolerance information


Most of our ice cream flavors are gluten free!

Following flavors contains gluten: Isola che non c’è, Sogno di Maya, Tiramisu, Mascarpone with honey & crunchies, Yogurt with cereals, Yogurt with cookies

Of course, if you are intolerant on gluten you should avoid cones.

Warning! If you are allergic on gluten you should take extra precaution  and warn our the staff before you taste any of our products.


If you are intolerant on lactose take the sorbets or granita and you’ll be fine. All our fruit flavors, except coco and banana, are lactose fee. Inside our sorbets and granitas you’ll find only fruit, water and sugar.


Most of our products are eggs free. If you are alergic on eggs you need to avoid falvors like Tiramisú, Zabaione, la Crema Eccolo, Chocolate, Bacio, Malaga, Gianduia, Isola che non c’e’, Sogno di Maia y la Vainilla


To be on the safe side take the sorbet or granita.

If you allergic on nuts you should avoid: Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Isola che non c’è, Sogno di Maya, Bacio and Gianduja.


Vegeterian and Coeliac Friendly
Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Fat Free

people were curious about

Is there sugar free ice cream?

Very often you'll see a "sugar free" label on the ice cream products. To use polite way to say - it's a joke. If the ice cream doesn't contain sugar it will be loaded with emulsifiers, additives and artificial sweeteners like sucralose, maltitol. And these ingredients can really harm your body. So there is always sugar in good old fashion artisan ice cream! It just depends what kind of sugar. In the best case it's a simple monosaccharides, fruit based sugar like fructose and dextrose instead of classic sucrose. But still it's a sugar so pay attention. If you suffer from diabetes you should ask your physician for an advise.

Cups or cones?

For those who wants to enjoy the pure taste of gelato we recommend to use cups instead of cones in order to preserve a genuine taste of our ingredients and not to add additional sugar and flavors contained in cones.

Is it 100% organic?

Short answer is no. We use organic milk and yogurt as the base for many flavors, but since we can't find always organic fruit or some other ingredients, we can't say that our ice cream is is 100% organic. But for sure we are taking a lot of care to find best and healthiest products on the market.


Our Story

We are making gelato since 1912

The first recipes are developed more then 100 years ago by Schiavi family in Almeno San Bartolomeo, the picturesque Italian village near Bergamo. Today the small family business has become award wining Italian pastry brand – La Pasqualina, famous by their attention on quality of ingredients. Based on this tradition and recipes, we created Eccolo – special editions for Andalusian market where the sun, clean air and unspoiled fertile ground are giving high quality organic production of milk, yogurt and fruit.

Our Location

Come and visit our shop & production facility in Puerto de Sotogrande

Our Shop & Production premises are located in Porto de Sotogrande, a beautiful small port near Gibraltar. You can enjoy our specialties in our garden, surrounded by orange trees and fountains. A perfect spot with families with kids.

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